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    Join the "100 Best Local Restaurants in DFW" booklet Today! Are you a DFW restaurant owner looking for a way to attract more customers and showcase your culinary expertise to the community? Look no further! Join our exclusive "100 Best Local Restaurants in DFW" booklet and be featured among the top 10 restaurants for your cuisine type.

    But hurry, spots are limited! The last day to be included in the booklet is March 15th, and the booklet will be published in the first week of April and distributed to 15,000 families in the DFW area. Only the top 10 restaurants for each cuisine type will be included, based on Google ratings. This is your chance to be recognized as one of the top restaurants in DFW and gain the exposure you deserve.

    Don't miss your chance to be recognized as one of DFW's top restaurants, Sign up today and take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your restaurant before it's too late, the booklet will be published in April first week.

    Even if your restaurant doesn't make it to the top 10 of its cuisine type, don't worry, it will still be featured on our website and mobile app, providing added exposure for your business.

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Terms and Conditions

  • To take part in this opportunity, a $60 sign-up fee for each restaurant location and a $1.25 fee for every order placed through our mobile app or website is required.
  • Restaurants need to provide a minimum of 5% cashback on each order for the customers.
  • By signing up, restaurants agree to allow us to use their information and images for promotional purposes.
  • Restaurant's ranking will be based on their Google ratings and will be determined for each cuisine type.
  • By joining the booklet, the restaurant is automatically enrolled in our iamatstore platform and agrees to abide by its terms and conditions.

About Us

Iamatstore is a platform designed for restaurants to increase customer loyalty and drive sales. Our platform allows restaurants to offer a cashback points program to their customers, encouraging repeat business and customer loyalty.

Through our platform, customers can earn cashback points when they make a purchase at a participating iamatstore restaurant. These points can then be used to make future purchases at any restaurant within the iamatstore network. This creates an incentive for customers to return to the restaurant and increases the likelihood of repeat business.

In addition to the cashback program, iamatstore also helps restaurants to increase sales by providing them with a cost-effective way to market their business. We eliminate the need for restaurants to pay high commissions to marketplace platforms, and also provide valuable data on customer preferences, spending habits, and purchase history.

At iamatstore, we believe that every restaurant should have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed. That's why we offer a comprehensive solution to help restaurants improve their marketing efforts, increase customer loyalty, and drive sales all in a cost-effective way.